The hot sun and recent storms in the Reno-Tahoe area may have left your wood, siding, and fences looking less than stellar, especially if they haven’t been touched up in years. Rain, snow, and sun can all take their toll on the look and shine of your wood. Luckily, the folks at Reno Paint Mart have compiled a list of our favorite Reno wood stains and treatment products that you can use to restore areas of your home. Whether it’s your fence, siding, or deck—we’ve got you covered with just the right stains you need to restore your wood and fencing back to its natural state.

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Before You Begin 

To start out you will want to take the following things into consideration:

#1 Color Preference 

There are several colors and hues of wood stain. Typically, they range between light to dark shades and warm to cool tones. 

#2 Coverage

The consistency of the stain will make a huge difference in how much coverage it provides. A light, semi-transparent stain will provide less coverage while a heavy, solid stain will provide more.  

#3 Lighting

Determine how the lighting may affect the look of the wood stain. Will the bright light cause the color to fade too quickly? Will a dark stain suit the area well?

#4 Type of Wood

The type of wood you’re staining will greatly affect the look of the stain. Is the wood porous, smooth, or rough? Is it already a dark or light-colored wood? All of this will influence the end result. 

Reno Wood Stain Options 

Once you’re done considering all the factors, it’s time to choose your stain. Here are the products we recommend using to stain and protect the wood around your home:

  • Sealer stains – These contain the sealant inside the stain formula which allows it to fall deep into the wood providing extra protection to the wood, preventing chipping, cracking, and mold. 
  • Varnish stains & Transparent finishes – Varnish stains and transparent finishes are similar to non-pigmented paint that dry hard and solid. They help protect the wood but add little color to the grain.  
  • Solid color stain and resurfacing – These stains provide a natural finish with beautiful color and high durability.

Wood Preparation Products and Wood Stains

We carry a variety of Flood® Wood Preparation Products that can help you restore the natural look of your wood, concrete, composites, and other surfaces. These products can help remove dirt, mildew stains, and oil and water-based coatings from wood surfaces. Furthermore, they can also be used as a maintenance cleaner for stained or resurfaced decks. Some of our favorites include the Flood®Pro Series Wood Cleaner and Flood®Pro Series All-Purpose Deck Wash. 

Transparent Finishes

To protect your wood against weather elements such as moisture and sun damage, you may want to consider using our transparent wood stain finishes. Transparent finishes are great at protecting against sun and moisture damage. Furthermore, they add a slight hint of color that can really brighten up your wood.

We recommend using Flood® CWF-UV 5 for a long-lasting color that offers excellent UV protection and water repellent.

Solid Color Stain and Resurfacer

Semi-Transparent Stains offer a base and top coat system that enhances the natural look of wood with a beautiful, lustrous color. The specific formulation provides a mildew resistant finish and water repellent perfect for tropical weather environments. Some of our favorite Flood® Pro Series stains include:

  • Semi-Transparent Alkyd Stain
  • Semi-Transparent Acrylic/Oil Stain
  • Pro Series Solid Color Stain

All of these stain products are available at Reno Paint Mart. Stop in and let our experts help you find the perfect stain or wood finishing product for your next project. Our selection guarantees finding the right color will be a breeze.

Wood Staining for Beginners

Wood staining is fairly simple, but there are some important tricks you should know about to get the best results. Here’s the simple process for preparing and staining your wood pieces:

#1 Start with a test patch. Test the stain on a small section of the wood to determine if it’s a good match.

#2 Next, prep the wood. Wood preparation starts with sanding the wood, which is highly important to get the best results. Begin with 60-grit sandpaper, going to 80-grit, and finally 120-grit sandpaper. Be sure to sand with the grain and continue sanding until the surface is smooth.

#3 Clean the wood with water or wood conditioner to remove debris and to help pop the grain. Popping the grain helps open up the pores for more even coverage.

#4 Once the wood is dry, shake up your stain can and apply a liberal amount of it to the wood using a cotton cloth or sponge applicator. Be sure to apply the stain heavily, but evenly so that the wood can absorb all of the product.

#5 Wipe the excess stain. Wait about 5 minutes before you wipe the surface to ensure enough of the stain has seeped through and then let the stain dry for 24 hours.

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