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Reno, Truckee, and Carson Paint Mart introduce our talented designers, available to help with all your color, design, and exterior and interior design projects: in our studio, your home, or workplace. Reno Paint Mart’s Design Center is here to assist you throughout your entire project.

Reno Paint Mart’s Design Center provides in-home Reno interior design consultations for an added fee. Lighting and space play a big role in how your paint will look, and the best way to know for certain is to request one of our in-home specialists. Our Reno Design Center staff will make a personal visit to your home armed with the professional knowledge to move your project from good to AMAZING!

The Reno Design Center can be reached at (775) 826-2900 or email:


I am a designer and I have been at Reno Paint Mart for 5 years.

I have been in design work for 12 years now. I used to own a home décor and women’s clothing boutique where I first began my love for color schemes and staging. I have attended many home fashion and gift markets around the nation over the years, which has naturally keept me up on style. I also completed Design Camp in Las Vegas in 2014, which I loved.


I am a Designer and started May 2021. I look forward to gaining knowledge of the Design Studio and what we offer to make your vision for your space a reality.

I worked for a local paint company as a Color Specialist, painter and handywoman for a couple of years. My background is mostly customer service and healthcare, so attention to detail is my specialty.


I am the Design Studio Manager + Designer. Although new and learning daily, I can’t wait to be able to have enough knowledge as my co-workers McKenzie and Melissa to be able to help every client that walks in.

I graduated from The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising with a degree in Visual Communications in 2016. Soon after, I became a Visual Merchandiser for a retail company in Southern California for 5 years and recently made the move to Reno, NV to be closer to family. Since I was younger, I’ve dreamed of having a career where I can put my creative eye to work and always enjoy being creative with anything and everything I do.

Marina Brzezinksi

I am a design studio associate and office assistant. I have been with the company for 3+ years.

I love helping customers find the products that work best for their situation and seeing them happy with the finished product.

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