Tips and Tricks

A painting project can be a huge undertaking, full of many hours of preparation and painting. Homeowners both experienced and not experienced can always benefit from painting tips and tricks to make the painting process easier.
Here are some painting tips to help make your projects easier and give you satisfying results.

1. Keep a Color Reference Hidden Under Switch Plates:

For future color reference, paint the back of your light switch plates or use a marker to record your room’s color names and numbers.

2. Know When to Paint Doors and Windows:

Painting windows or doors? Both need to be open while you work, to allow full access to the surface. You should tackle them first thing in the morning – so they will be dry enough to close at night without sticking or pulling off the new paint.

3. Keep Spare Paint for Nicks And Dings:

No matter how often you paint, high-traffic areas, such as kitchens and stairways, are bound to suffer scratches, smudges, and chips.
To facilitate fast touch-ups, keep a small amount of each shade of paint in a lightweight, airtight container, such as a margarine tub. Make sure the containers are carefully labeled. When you notice a scratch, you can do a quick fix without hauling around heavy cans.

You can also invest in a paint pen. Paint pens are loaded up with a small amount of new paint. The paint inside is kept fresh for a year. Just shake beforehand and then you’re ready to make touchups.

4. Determine Paint on Existing Walls with Cotton:

Want to figure out what kind of paint is on a wall? Simply soak a cotton ball in rubbing alcohol and rub it over a small area on the wall. If the cotton ball picks up some paint, the paint is latex. If not, the paint is oil-based. Make sure to use an oil-based primer if you’re planning on painting over the walls.

5. Use the Right Primer for the Job

Different primers are used on different surfaces.  If you’re painting over drywall, use a water-based primer to create an even base for applying color and covering imperfections. Oil-based primers are perfect if you’re painting over damaged walls or paneling.

6. No Need to Wash with Latex Paint

If you’re painting with latex and your project has taken longer than expected, no worries! You can simply wrap your brushes and rollers in plastic bags and throw them in the fridge. The cold temperatures will keep the latex paint from drying out.

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