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We’ll admit it, regular concrete floors don’t look great. Their bland color and lack of sheen can really be an eyesore that unravels an otherwise great space. If you’ve been having the same thoughts in the back of your mind, then maybe you should consider bringing your concrete floors to the next level with concrete stain.

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Concrete Stain vs. Paint

There are many differences between concrete stain and paint. Here’s how concrete stain stacks up against using regular paint:

-Concrete stain gives your concrete translucent tones not found in a flat paint job.

-With any stain job, no two results will be the same thanks to the age, composition, and surface porosity of the concrete.

-Unlike paint, concrete stain is permanent. 

-You can mimic different textures with concrete stains, such as polished marble, wood, or even leather.

-Concrete stain penetrates below the surface of the concrete, so your floors won’t chip or fade.

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Acid Stains

Acid-based concrete stains are composed of a combination of inorganic metallic salts, acid, and water.

Greater Variety of Finish

You can achieve stronger color variation with acid-based stain than you can with non-acid concrete stain. You’ll find that the end product will have a variety similar to marble.

Limited Color Options

Unfortunately, due to the chemical make-up of acid stains, most acid stain producers are limited by the colors they can produce. Generally, you’ll only find concrete acid stains in earth tones: browns, tans, and subtle blue-greens. One potential workaround is to mix stains or double-down on the same stain to achieve a more vibrant color

Nonacidic Stain

Nonacidic concrete stain is an alternative to regular reactive acid stains. Unlike acid stains, non-acid stains are composed of UV stable, transparent iron pigments that don’t contain any VOC’s or acids.

More Consistency

Because water-based stains contain no acid, you may find the color to be more consistent. Consider this when you’re trying to decide if you want more variety or consistency in your finished product.

Larger Color Variety

Thanks to the lack of acid, you’ll a huge selection of non-acid stains in a significantly larger variety of hues. Thanks to the lack of acid, non-acid stains can get rather wild. Some crazier stains can include special tints to give your concrete floor the illusion of metal.

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