Automotive Paint

Car looking a little drab? Looking to add a custom flair to your vehicle? Reno Paint Mart features a full line of automotive paint options to help upgrade your transportation.

When it comes to your car, it’s crucial to understand the various types of automotive paint. Some can be hazardous to your health, others can require high maintenance, and a few just may not look as appealing as you thought. Explore the nuances of car paint and then come into one of our paint stores for more assistance.


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Urethane Car Paint

Urethane car paint is newer than enamel paints, but also comes at a higher price. This type of automotive paint is just as tough as acrylic enamel, yet is easy to apply like the lacquer paint. Though, this kind of paint requires more of your time for proper results. Expect to purchase the color, a reducer to thin it out for the spray gun, and a catalyst to speed up the drying time. Similar to enamel paint, urethane automotive paint can have a single or multi stage paint system.

Note: Once the paint is mixed with the reducer, it must be immediately used. Any paint left over must be discarded. This automotive paint is highly toxic and requires a facemask, respirator, gloves and coveralls.

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Metallic Car Paint

Metallic car paint is often considered a specialized type due to its high maintenance and classic car look. Often used for muscle or sports cars, metallic paint creates a sparkle effect in the various lighting conditions. The style looks very distinct and stunning at night time. However, the caveat of such a cool look comes with a few considerations. Metallic auto paint starts at a higher price than other paints, and can be much harder to repair when dents and deep scratches occur. It is also worth noting metallic paint may be an attractive style, but it comes in fewer colors than other automotive paint.

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Acrylic/Enamel Car Paint

Acrylic enamel auto paint delivers a contemporary style and often gives a car that “modern look.” The auto paint dries and hardens like a shell, creating a tough paint that can handle a lot of environmental stress. Enamel paint is available for sprayers and aerosol cans, but can also be baked on by professional shops. Though, its highly protective shell comes at a cost, and can be more difficult to apply properly. In addition, some acrylic enamel colors require a two-stage system. Contact us to learn more about the two-stage system.

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