Considered the first season of the year, spring is a time for change and growth. Not only in your personal or professional life, but also in your home with the help of interior paint and designs. And now that the weather is starting to warm up and plants are in blossom, you may just find the inspiration you’ve been waiting for. So, if you’re interested in sprucing up your home, take a look at our spring interior paint and design trends for 2020.

Unfinished Wood Pieces  

Incorporating wood accents in your home has been a trend for years, but we’ve taken our love of natural elements to a new level with this design trend. Rather than using treated wood with glossy varnishes, people have been adding unfinished or raw wood accents to their decor. One of the reasons so many have been in favor of this style is because of how simple it is. The unfinished look allows you to see all of the wood’s natural grooves, tones, and imperfections while also being a piece of art for you to put on display. Some examples might include unfinished wooden wall art, wooden decor, wooden furniture, and wooden flooring. 

Pastel/Bright Accent Colors

Pastel colors are commonly popular during spring because they match the sprouting flowers and plants that have started to grow outdoors. These light colors tend to be calming and uplifting which is usually needed after enduring the cold, dim winter months. And when matched with other bright accent colors such as pink, green, or classic blue – this year’s Color of the Year – you’ll love the results even more. Try incorporating brightly colored accent pillows, throw blankets, furniture, wall decor, rugs, and even plants. You could even go the extra mile and consider an accent wall using any pastel or bright interior paint color of your choice. 

Neutral Colors and Tones 

Recently, spring interior design trends have become increasingly concentrated on adding neutral colors to lighten up your home. Not only does a brighter home provide more natural light, but it also helps elevate your mood and can help you become more productive. Also, this tip is perfect for those of you who dislike or oppose pastel interior paint colors, but still want to brighten up your home. Rather than light pinks and baby blues, consider white, tans and grays instead. And of course, you can always add pops of color wherever you feel necessary.

Purge Unnecessary Items

Another common trend this spring is to incorporate spring cleaning practices into your redesign. That means it’s time to get rid of unused, unwanted, and unnecessary items and decor that’s cluttering up your space and your style. Start by eliminating outdated items that no longer mesh with your revamped fashion and repurpose any older items that you think may still have some potential. 

interior design trends wicker furniture and smile pillow

Include Various Textures

Textures have become a major inclusion of interior design trends over the years due to their ability to transform a dull room into a lively living space. And the best part about this tip is that there are really no rules and you have unlimited combinations of texture options that can all be tailored to fit your style. Some examples of various textures you can use are:

    • Velvet cloths
    • Wood art, furniture, floors or other accents
    • Metal furniture and accessories
    • Leather furniture
    • Crown molding
    • Wicker furniture 
    • Different wall textures

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