Is it time for a fresh coat of paint? Your next home improvement or construction project will brighten a family home, a neighborhood, or a local landmark – but that’s not all. If you choose to shop local for supplies like paint, hardware, and décor, your project will bring new life to the entire community.

The Power of Purchase

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Local businesses like Nevada’s Reno, Truckee, and Carson Paint Mart supply their communities with more than high-quality paints and stellar customer service. They reinvest in their communities and local economies by creating jobs, supporting local causes, and paying local taxes. In fact, the recent Home Sweet Home study by Independent We Stand, Civic Economics, and the North American Retail Hardware Association previously revealed that purchasing home improvement products from locally-owned retailers generates twice as much economic activity as purchasing those products from big-box and chain retailers. That’s twice as much money for local schools, roads, wages, and revitalization.

Contractors can make all the difference, too. A second installment of the Home Sweet Home study – Home Sweet Home: Pros’ Edition – showed that purchasing building materials, hardware, and other construction supplies at locally-owned retailers similarly generated twice as much local economic activity than comparable purchases made at big-box and chain retailers.

Small Businesses Lead to Big Impacts

The impact of these small and local businesses on your community can be seen in the real estate market. When a community develops a successful small business district, home values in the vicinity increase 50 percent, on average, according to the Business Alliance for Local Living Economies. This increase makes sense when you consider the investment that small and local businesses make in their communities. When downtown revitalization, infrastructure development, and quality of life improve in a community, home values are sure to spike.

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Together, the Home Sweet Home studies and other data make it clear that locally and independently owned home improvement retailers, like Reno Paint Mart, keep communities strong. While big-box and national chain retailers funnel their revenues out of the community and into a distant corporate headquarters, local businesses reinvest in the local economy. As a result, customers come away with a better shopping experience and a more vibrant place to call home.

To see how far your next home improvement budget could go in your community, check out Independent We Stand’s Home Sweet Home Economic Impact Calculator. Then, search for a local retailer in your community to put your money to good use.

Why Shopping Local is So Important in the Wake of COVID-19

Shopping locally is more important now than ever before due to the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. Many small businesses have struggled to keep their doors open and some have even had to close completely due to stay-at-home orders and lockdowns. The effects of this on our small community are tremendous, not just for business owners, but for workers and consumers alike. While economic stimulation of any kind is positive for the economy, small businesses provide necessary aid to all sectors of the economy including local, state, and national levels. 
Small businesses offer a large variety of benefits to their communities including:

  • A boost in job opportunities within your community
  • Economic local growth that stimulates the need for more businesses
  • Gives exposure to the unique entrepreneurs that can’t afford to start up their own business
  • Communities receive personalized services and products that aren’t provided by big-box stores
  • The opportunity to give back to your community whether it be local charities, shelters, or donation centers. 

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