So you may be wondering how to paint a room in your house. You have all the painting supplies, but you’ve never actually painted a room before. How hard can it be, right? Sure, painting the interior of your house isn’t the hardest do-it-yourself task you could possibly take on, but taking the proper steps up front can be the difference between a fairly painless process, and an absolute nightmare. Take a look at these few easy steps available on the Reno Paint Mart website, and get started on creating the perfect color to match the perfect room. If you would like in-person assistance, visit Reno Paint Mart’s Design Center.


Paint Supplies

Step 1: Prep the Walls with Painter’s Tape

The first step in getting a professional-level paint-job, is taking care to mask the room. First, covering all the things attached to your walls with painters tape will keep them clean. Once you have a good, clean covering over all the things that can’t be removed from your walls, it’s time to get rid of the things that can be. Painting the white space left by the removed objects will ensure full coverage for your whole wall.


Now that you’ve covered and removed all the import stuff on your walls, it’s time to move some furniture around. Clearing the floor space is an important step for protecting your home from getting paint in all the wrong places. Next, it’s best to put down some canvas or plastic to keep any permanent stains away from your flooring. If you’d rather move your furniture to the center of the room, just make sure it gets a good covering, too.


Step 2: Prime for a Brighter Color

Priming is another crucial step to getting a fantastic paint color in your home. When you put down a layer of primer before beginning starting in on your painting, especially when moving from a darker shade to a lighter one, you provide a layer of protection between the old paint and the new, ensuring a brighter and richer color, with less coats necessary.


Step 3: Paint with Great Care and Detail

Setting your primer is only the beginning of your new room. “Cutting in” is the first step you’ll take in the actual painting process. When you cut in, you’ll be taking care of all the details—the corners, around the light sockets—anything which you can’t do with a roller. Taking extra time will help you get this part right. If done with care, the attention to detail will make the end result of your new room incredible.


Once you start applying paint, be sure to properly mix your paint to ensure you’re getting the colors you want. Painting in a “W,” “V,” or “N” shape for a first stroke will create the professional look you want in a shorter amount of time.


And those are our 3 steps for how to paint a room. For more tips from our knowledgable Reno Paint Mart staff, check out our other articles in the Painters Corner. Or, give us a call for a free interior design consultation from our Reno Design Center.