Quarantine has forced many of us indoors for prolonged periods which for most, has been a difficult transition. Something that can make it easier is creating a space that you love to be in. Whatever brings you solace, whether it’s soft, plush throw blankets, or the serene ambiance of nature, bring those elements to your home for more comfort and peace. Use these fall interior design trends to help you transform your home this season!  

Fall Interior Design Trends

Interior design trends are constantly changing. Whether it’s a new year or a new season, it’s likely that your interior design is falling behind the trends. Reno Paint Mart is here to help you get back on track. From furniture and decor to paint and lighting, see how you can enhance your space to meet this season’s new style.  

Textures and Layering

Colder weather doesn’t just bring layers to your wardrobe, it also creates the need for layers in your home. Ideally, you want to layer similar items in varying textures and patterns. Rug layering has become extremely popular in interior design on carpeted, wood, and tiled floors. This works best in rooms with quite a bit of space and little furniture such as your bedroom or living room. Throw blankets and pillows are also easy to layer and they provide an elevated level of coziness that’s perfect for fall. Or try layering antique and modern items for a unique contrast. And don’t be afraid to test out decor and furniture in a variety of textures. This adds depth to your room with very little effort.   

Bold Monochromatic Palettes

While mixing textures is in right now, mixing colors is not. Of course, creating contrast is important, but designers are beginning to use different shades of the same color to accomplish this. To make this trick work in your favor, stick to the same general color scheme and add in small touches of other colors for an obvious contrast. And when it comes time to choose the right color for your room, consider something bold such as a deep green or vibrant blue. Try avoiding neutral colors such as tans, whites, blacks, or greys which are best used as accents. 

Rattan and Wicker Accessories

Rattan and wicker are typically used as outdoor furniture, but recently, these materials have been making their way indoors. Though rattan and wicker are most commonly used to create furniture, it can also be used decoratively. Some rattan can be found wrapped around a mirror, woven into a beautiful art piece, or as a decorative storage basket. The natural elements of these materials are simplistic yet elegant and are guaranteed to catch the attention of you and your guests with its subtle organic nuances. 

Focused Lighting 

Something that has garnered lots of attention from interior designers is lighting. The lighting of your room can affect its overall appearance. There are several layers of lighting which starts with general lighting. This is usually overhead lighting that illuminates the entire room creating a bright space. In the fall season though, most of us enjoy low lighting that complements our surrounding environment. We suggest layering your lighting options by using small lamps, wall sconces, and even candlelight to create illumination.

Touches of Nature

Bringing outside elements indoors has become increasingly popular, especially since we’ve been cooped up inside for months. By adding just some small components of the outdoors to your home, you can start to feel refreshed, relaxed, and calm, even while being confined indoors. Some simple ways to add natural elements to your home are potted house plants, floral wallpaper which is extremely popular right now, and wooden pieces such as furniture or decor. 

Interior Design Help from Reno Paint Mart 

Our Reno interior design consultants can help you turn your space into the oasis you need right now. Reno Paint Mart has all of the supplies you will need to prepare your home, including paint, paint supplies, wallpaper steamers, and more for your interior design project. If you still have questions about the fall interior design trends of 2020, feel free to contact us or come into one of our locations in Reno, Truckee, or Carson! Our expert staff can help answer specific questions about Reno interior design and help decide what is best for you.

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