Interior design trends are constantly changing. Year by year, and even season by season. When the weather starts to cool down and the trees begin changing colors, we all know it’s time for fall. And when our surroundings start to change, we can’t help but feel the need to let those changes reflect in our own homes as well. So, with fall quickly approaching, we’ve put together a few of this year’s fall trends for interior design to help get you started.


Using Black as an Accent Color

Black is a color that is seemingly always trending. While black is a great color that goes with just about anything you pair it with, it’s best used as an accent color with lighter-toned creams. You can add framed black patterned photos or even black and white photos in a black frame as accent pieces. Or, you can place black rugs, pillows, or blankets throughout the room. And if you’re feeling bold, you can use black paint in moderation on one wall, or even part of a wall. This design trend is an easy way to add some dark tones to a room for the fall season, without going overboard.

Incorporate Natural Wood Pieces

We are often reminded of the natural elements around us during the fall season. With all the different changes happening, it’s hard not to. Having natural wood pieces in your home can exude the essence of the outdoors while you get to stay warm and cozy inside. Consider adding natural wood features such as furniture, a picture frame, or a wooden piece of decor. You can even mix and match various types of wood for a more rustic look.

Rich Jewel Colors

Now that summer is coming to a close, it’s time to put away the bright colors, and make room for deep, rich jewel colors. When we say “jewel colors,” we’re referring to greens such as emerald, blues similar to a sapphire, and purples like amethyst. Deep reds and pinks are also very popular right now and mustard yellows are a perfect reflection of fall. These deep, dark colors can help enhance the elegance of your bedroom, living room, or office space. And combining the rich colors with fabrics such as velvet will give off a feeling of luxury and class. Try incorporating these colors into your home by adding a splash of paint to a wall, or go more subtle with throw pillows.

Light Blue

This design trend is unlike most of our other fall decorating suggestions which are mostly centered around dark, deep colors. Light blue provides a nice contrast for all those dark hues you’ve added to your home and is a perfect addition to any room. It pairs well in a bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, office, and living room, making it easy to incorporate into your home. You can add simple sky blue accessories, or paint the entire room. You really can’t go wrong with this light color that’s a great match for the cold weather.

Country Farmhouse Style

The country chic or farmhouse look is perfect for the fall season because it incorporates many wood elements, soft textures, and an overall feeling of warmth and coziness. This look is also very simple and versatile. Again, to achieve this look, you’ll want to add some wood pieces to the room, as well as having big fluffy rugs and soft blankets effortlessly placed over a piece of furniture. You’re also able to mix and match furniture and incorporate animal prints into your decor. Using faux brown leather, wool fabrics, and neutral colors will help you achieve your farmhouse look and get you prepared for fall.  


Maximalism is a design trend that basically means “more is more.” This decorating technique includes more color, more art, more throw pillows, and isn’t afraid to go over the top. It also allows you to be completely creative with your home decor, and welcomes the layered mix and match style for a comfy-cozy feel. You can add as much color to the walls as you want, or use room accessories to do that for you. With maximalism, there isn’t a strict set of guidelines to follow, so don’t be afraid to show your personality by using items throughout your home that will reflect that.

Bringing Nature Indoors

There are many different ways you can include this favorable interior design trend into your home’s decor. The easiest way to accomplish this is to bring in houseplants that you can hang from the ceiling, place on the floor, or add to a table or countertop. You can put a plant virtually anywhere, as long as it gets the proper sunlight, and as a bonus, they’ll improve your home’s air quality. Another way to integrate elements of the outdoors into your home is with plant printed wallpaper or even animal print wallpaper. Adhesive wallpaper is easy to apply, and can also be easily removed.