It’s almost spring time in Reno which means backyard barbecues and cook outs are soon to come, and of course you want your deck looking nice! The winters in Reno can be tough so it might be time to re-stain your deck. It’s recommended to re-stain your deck every 3-4 years. So if it’s one of those years for you, keep reading to find out the best way to stain your deck to prolong its life, prevent damage and choose the right deck stain.

Extreme temperatures

The first tip to staining your deck is to choose the right day. The ideal day is not too hot and not too cold. High temperatures cause the deck stain to dry too quickly and can create an uneven spread and penetration over the wood. To get the best stain and best protection it is very important for the stain to penetrate the wood properly. Improper or incomplete penetration doesn’t offer full protection of your deck and can cause premature deterioration. 

Cold temperatures do the opposite and cause the stain to dry too slowly. In effect, the stain may not penetrate the wood properly, or the adhesion process may be totally compromised. An ideal day is when the temperature is between 50-90 degrees fahrenheit. So keep an eye out because springtime in Reno can offer some perfect DIY home improvement days. 

Direct sunlight

So we learned it’s necessary to choose a mild day where it’s not too hot and not too cold, but also a day that has a little cloud coverage. The cloud cover can protect your deck from flash drying. Staining your deck in direct sunlight can create improper penetration and weaken the adhesion of the stain to the wood. Pay special attention to this one because cloudy days can come few and far between in Northern Nevada, and the sun is strong at 4,500 feet! 


High humidity and rain

High humidity isn’t the worst thing that could happen but it will increase the drying time of the deck. While high humidity isn’t common in the high desert it is still important to take note of it and avoid those few humid days. And of course you want to avoid rain at all costs. The rain will totally wash away your stain. Also, check the weather forecast and make sure there won’t be any rain within the next few days to ensure proper drying. Give your deck at least 24 hours to dry completely.  


Wind is also not something that’s detrimental, but the wind can blow sticks, twigs, leaves and other debris into the stain while it’s drying. 

Reno Paint Mart is here to help

If you still have questions feel free to contact us or come in to one of our locations in Reno, Truckee or Carson! Our expert staff can help answer specific questions about deck stains and help decide what is best for you. We understand home projects can become time consuming and confusing so don’t hesitate to ask!