Whether cleaning up that dingy old paint or adding a splash of color to a plain room, make sure you have all the paint tools you need to complete the job.

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Here are 10 paint tools and supplies that you will need to be successful on any project:

  1. Brushes, rollers, and spray equipment – The size, shape, and quality of these tools will influence every part of the paint job. Investing in high quality brushes and rollers will prevent your final project from containing unwanted brush strokes, fibers, and hair.
  1. Paint tray – A paint tray is important as it keeps your paint container from being contaminated by your brushes or other paint tools. Pour a little bit of paint into a tray and dip your brushes and rollers into this.
  1. Painters tape – Painters tape is important for keeping straight edges, creating patterns and designs, or for protecting surfaces. Then, try to avoid getting paint on certain areas by covering hardware and outlets before you start painting.

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  1. Drop Cloths – Protect your hardwood floor, carpet, and furniture by putting down a plastic sheeting or tarp under the areas you plan to paint.
  1. Cleaning supplies – Before you paint, make sure your surface is clean. Using a cleaning solution, or simply water and soap, will eliminate all dirt and grime, ensuring your surface is ready for paint.
  1. Spackle and spatula – Use this to patch over small holes caused from nails or other damages. Caulks or sealants can also be used to fill in cracks, gaps, or seams in your wall.
  1. Mask – Remember, safety first. A mask can protect you from inhaling paint fumes or other harmful chemicals.
  1. Paint scraper – Use this tool to strip old paint from wood and plaster surfaces. This helps prep your wall for the new paint color. 
  1. Sandpapers & abrasives – Even out rough textures by using sandpaper or an abrasive. This is especially useful if you used a heat gun or scraper. These paint supplies help to get a smooth surface so your paint can stick.
  1. Paint – Finally, choosing the right paint finish can make or break the look of your home. 

A Quick List of Paint Finishes

  • Flat – Hides imperfections and is best for high trafficked areas
  • Satin – Is high sheen and high maintenance,  but still durable
  • Eggshell – Sits between the sheen of satin and the durability of flat finishes
  • Semi-gloss: Has a nice shine and is good for high moisture areas
  • High gloss: Offers the highest level of durability and shine
  • Metallic finish: Reflects lights, but also amplifies dents and imperfections

Check out which paint finish is best for each different surface in your home.

Paint Tools From Reno Paint Mart

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