Gel Stain

Beautiful way to protect your Metal and Fiberglass.

Gel stains are uniquely different from others due to its high pigmentation and a nonporous formula. If you plan on staining fiberglass, metal or composition surfaces, gel staining is the ideal choice. However, gel stains also suitable for a variety of woods as well. Unlike normal wood stains which are often rubbed on, gel stains are applied more like paint. Whether it’s interior or exterior, gel stains can be a great recommendation for a range of projects. Gel stains can provide an attractive outcome, but not all projects are the same.

Before starting your gel staining project make sure to prep the surface properly. First, clean and dry the surface thoroughly including grease, glue and other contaminants. Our recommendation is to use acetone. Even the smallest of fragments such as dust and mineral spirits should be removed. Acetone will remove everything and bring it back to the original state of cleanliness.

Painted Surfaces and A Simulated Wood Look

When applying a gel stain to a painted surface, a foam or bristle brush is the recommended tool. In some cases, you can use a cheesecloth as long as you perform long and smooth strokes to the project.

Previously Finished Surfaces

When working with a finished surface the best gel stain practice is to use a firm synthetic brush along the grain, while gently brushing out the streaks. Have a lint free rag nearby and use it often to remove excess gel from the brush. Make sure to lightly sand the surface before applying over a finished surface.

Fiberglass & Composition Surfaces

When working with fiberglass apply a liberal coat of gel stain to one section at a time. Use a synthetic brush along the grain with a similar technique to a previously finished surface.

Bare Wood

Using a soft rag or brush and apply the gel stain liberally to bare wood along the grain. Only wipe in the direction of the grain. After the wood dries, and the color still seems too light, apply another coat for darker results.

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