There’s a primer for every situation.

Primer is at the heart of a Reno painting pro. It’s one of the most powerful tools for anyone who wants their project to go from great to stunning. The best way to approach primer is to think of it more like glue than paint. Yet, it’s more than just a sticky adhesive thanks to its ability to transform any area into a smooth surface. Just like cake, onions or ogres, painting projects are full of layers.

However, knowing is only half the battle. There is no such thing as an all-surface primer because not all surfaces are the same. At Reno Paint Mart, our interior design experts will help you find the perfect primer and paint for your Reno paint job. Sign-up for a free interior design consultation.

Primer is applied before you paint.

Patches or New Drywall

PVA Primer

If you realize there is more patch work than expected when conducting your Reno interior design project, it’s the best choice to invest in PVA Primer on the entire wall. If you are sporting a new drywall PVA Primer will seal it off from solvents, so the topcoat cannot penetrate and crack the surface. This will help maintain and fill in minor defects in a bad drywall job.

Smoke Damage

BIN Primer | PVA Primer | Acrylic

Smoke damage is unwanted and unneeded. If you find yourself in a smoke-filled situation, consider covering it with BIN Primer for the best results. Other primers like PVA and acrylic work, but need more coats to avoid smoke damage from seeping through.

Chalky Areas

Acrylic Primer

Have you tried power washing a chalky area and it just isn’t looking clean enough? Acrylic primer is excellent at covering any chalky area. We recommend a power wash with TSP before adding the coat.


Latex | Oil Based Primers | Corrosion-Resistant Primer

Metal’s favorite primer is oil based, though it has been known to dabble with a few water based primers. However, if there is any risk of rust, avoid primers with a tint. Rusted aluminum and galvanized steel need a corrosion-resistant primer.

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Glass and Shiny Surfaces

Bonding Primers

If you’re working with surfaces on the inside like tile, formica, or glass use bonding primers to the job done.


Acrylic | Oil Based

Choosing an acrylic or oil based primer with a high build will help fill in the cracks and seal it up perfectly.

New Wood

Latex Primer | Oil Based

If the wood is in good condition with no stain, use an oil-based primer or high-quality latex. If it’s redwood, cedar, or is stained, use a stain-blocking primer.

Extreme Color Change

Acrylic | PVA primer

Are you going from dark to light colors? Extreme color changes occur quite frequently when trying to accomplish a new look and feel for your Reno interior design paint project. PVA and Acrylic primer can handle any color change, no matter how extreme.

Painted Wood

Nothing | Oil Based

Good news! If your painted wood is in good condition, you don’t need primer paint. However, if you find a few chip pieces or exposed wood, use an oil-based primer. Make sure to chip away any paint surrounding the area before you add primer.

Weathered Wood

Latex | Oil Based

New wood fibers are hiding underneath the weathered wood. Make sure to sand and scrape away the old stuff before priming with oil based primer or latex.

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