Interior Paint

Interior Paint: Easy as 1-2-3

Planning an interior paint project can bring out the creativity in anyone, but where do you even begin? If you’re an inexperienced painter, the multitude of options can overwhelm the basics. When it comes to painting the interior of a room, it’s as easy as 1-2-3.

1) Prep

The key to any successful Reno interior design paint project is to prep the room. Prepping can make a noticeable difference in the resulting quality of your work, and can help diminish any problems that may arise.

The first step in prepping is to mask, using painter’s tape, all baseboards, edges, and other areas you don’t want to be painted. While masking isn’t the most difficult step, it is important to take your time making sure the tape is flush with all edges.

Next, remove or cover any hardware that couldn’t be masked. By removing light switch and outlet faceplates, doorknobs, and light fixtures you can eliminate the risk of dripping any paint on these pieces of hardware.

Move furniture away from walls into the center, or outside of the room. After doing this, place a canvas or plastic covering on the ground to prevent permanent stains on your flooring. If your furniture is moved to the middle of the room, it’s still a good idea to cover them with the same canvas or plastic covering you placed on the floor.

Once everything is protected, fill in any holes and smooth out any rough patches using spackle. Caulking corners is recommended before painting because it helps control the corner edges from the ceiling. It’s also wise to use a dry sponge to brush the walls, removing any dust that may be on the surface.


2) Prime

Laying down a layer of primer is always a good idea. Not only does it boost the color of your new paint, but it also helps prevent the old color from seeping through. This is a particularly important step for those going from a darker to a lighter color, as it will act as a barrier between the two colors. Primers can also be mixed to be a similar shade of your paint color, and this will lessen the number of coats needed. Our Reno interior design experts will help you choose the right primers for your job. Give us a call!

After applying the primer, it’s time to “cut in”. This is when you use a paintbrush to paint around all edges using your paint color of choice. This is an important step as it adds a professional finish to all your edges; be sure to take your time and use a steady hand. By cutting in you not only speed up the rest of the painting process but it also adds a touch of precision that can’t be achieved with a paint roller.

3) Paint

As you begin painting, be sure to mix your paint properly using a mixing tool to ensure the color you’re working with is correct. You can paint using a brush or a roller, but for more coverage with each stroke, a roller is recommended. Most people use a paint tray for use with a roller, but there are other options such as a paint grid, which can be placed inside a bucket.

For a technique when painting, apply in a “W”, “V”, or “N” formation. This not only lets you get through the painting quicker, but also guarantees fuller coverage.

It’s also important to keep a “wet edge” while you paint so that you maintain a uniform look throughout the room. This essentially means to paint one section at a time, only building upon paint that is still wet.

We can help you find the right color for your room! Schedule your free Reno interior design consultation for assistance in finding the right color, sheen, and brand of paint to make your dream room a reality. 

Know your Sheen

Every paint product and brand can have a slight variation on sheen, leading to different textures in with your product. For example, shiny and reflective paint products can highlight bad wood or specific defects. When you visit us make sure to ask about how the specific sheen may react with your project.

For the highest quality return on your project, we recommend Benjamin Moore and PPG.
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